Tuesday, December 23, 2008

And the Governor played on...

It really is a nightmare for the Democrats. Gov Blago is embarrassing them on a daily basis, dragging others down with him. He won't take a hit for the party and resign to minimize damage. My guess? He's holding out to see what kind of sinecure someone will offer to make him go away. From one auction to another.

And now, the prosecutor's made it worse.

According to the Fox News website, Fitzgerald is asking the impeachment committee not to dig too deeply into his case, and is refusing to give them some of the information he has, although he has "not ruled out" turning over copies of the tapes of the Governor. The article says:

In a letter released Tuesday, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald says the panel could "significantly compromise" his investigation by interviewing Blagojevich aides about possible crimes.

Fitzgerald is also declining to provide information about his investigation, such as the identities of people mentioned in a criminal complaint.

So, does this mean the impeachment process will be stopped or stalled? It was already going to take months, anyway. How long are they going to be stuck with this guy? How much damage will he do before he goes? Who appoints that senator now, and how is the authority to do that to be assigned?

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